Church Co-Op

The Church of Tommy Co-Op is managed by StevieB. The Co-Op buys any item at TT value, pools the resources and resell these items for a profit. The Co-Ops profits then become par of the Church's Investment Fund which is deigned to grow passive income for Church Members!


The Co-Op buys anything with a TT value and most things without a TT value. Every time you sell to the Co-Op you receive credit for helping it grow and this credit will help determine the amount of the Church's Investment Funds Passive Income you are entitled to! Save time, cycle PED and watch your PED Card grow! 


TO SELL TO THE CO-OP PLEASE CONTACT AND MEET WITH: Steve StevieB Braggs (Often located at Zychion Citadel)

Please note we are currently limited to making purchases on Calypso but will soon be able to purchase good anywhere. Thank you for your patience.


Dear Entropians and Church Members,

I want to start by thanking all of my friends for their unquestionable support. You each mean a great deal to me. It is for that very reason that I have no option but to temporarily suspend the co-ops buying program until I can decide how best to proceed. 

I started the co-op to help everyone. I've heard a lot of complaints, a lot of BS and I've had a ton of questions; but there's one question no one has bothered to ask: What's in this for StevieB?

The answer is: NOTHING!!! Let's look at the business plan:

Co-Op buys anything with a TT value for TT value (using my money) then it gets pooled and resold for a profit. The profit gets put into Securities. Each person who contributed to the Co-Ops profit gets their share of that security.

What you will notice missing is any way in which this makes me money. On top of which I have to dedicate HOURS of my time to logging every single item from every single transaction.

I even committed to taking 100% of the proceeds from my Twitch feed and dumping it all into the investment fund for you guys.

When this idea very first formed my entire compensation was to be 5% of the co-ops profits. I haven't even considered taking that 5% (which was to be split between the founders not all for me) because I felt you guys needed it more than me (and a few PED isn't going to change my life).

In the next few streams I will be covering every item of every line of the CO OP since inception. I will be covering everything im about to list below and more but so you can understand how we got here I'm going to list some of the highlights below:

1.) I am absolutely tired of hearing how it's a scam. Trade Terminals are available almost everywhere in game. You get the same price I pay only you don't every get anything in the future. When you use a trade terminal you have 0.00% chance of anything else. No passive income, no ownership in a deed, no nothing. GO USE THE TRADE TERMINAL!

2.) Better yet sell it yourself. Selling things in this game for anything resembling MU is like pulling teeth. Everyone has the same things for sale you do. So whose going to sell it cheaper? I've spent well OVER 5,000 PED on buys in 3 weeks. Out total sales are less than 900 PED and closer to about 750 PED. You will use the Trade Terminal because no matter how much you spam trade channels it takes longer to sell stuff than most of you can go without cycling your PED. People want to complain we haven't had many sales? Sell it yourself and when you're stuck without ped the TT is right over there.

3.) This one is my absolute FAVORITE: I need to give someone else or a group of people access to my account and inventory and let them be Trustees. A) My account already has Trustees (My lawyer first, CPA Second and Family Third) because my investment was literally made through a trust so that if something happened to me my money wouldn't be stuck in game and my family could access it. B) DO I LOOK STUPID?!?!?! I'm going to give ANYONE access to an account with $20,000+ dollars in it WHEN IM PAYING YOU GUYS FOR THE ITEMS?????? THEY AREN'T DONATED!!!!! Again the TT machine is right over yonder. Everyone's about to get REALLY framiliar with it.

4.) I thought I made this clear in my very first stream but I guess it didn't register: I can log out of my account for a month, log in and be up 2,000 PED. I can do this every single month. I don't even have to play. That doesn't count the income from my personal CLDs.

In real life I buy and sell house. TODAY ALONE: Sold 24th street for $12,000 (paid $3,000 last week). Sold SW 82 for $88,888 (Paid $60K last week). Sold SE 45th for $33,000 (Paid $20K last week).

Today I made $50,888. Today I made 508,880 PED.

This Co Op will NEVER be worth my time. I'd be better off spending the time on my real life business.

5.) I am not here to make up for your losses. If you do something stupid in game and you lose money I feel for you. We've all been there; even me. I am not here to make up your losses. The other people who contribute to the Co Op aren't here to contribute to your losses either. This is a game of years. Play smart, play slow, research EVERYTHING. Expecting me to pay you for stupid decisions is the worst mistake you could make.

6.) The Ubers me an uber. Not someone with more skills. Someone with a bigger ped card and a better RL job. Go tell them how to run their business and let me know how that goes for you. Half of these "Ubers" wouldn't know what real wealth was if it hit them in a traffic accident.

7.) Well your lifestyle......My lifestyle is what got me here. I did the things no one had the balls to do. That's why i make the money no one else does. If you don't like it; don't do it. Have I made a TON of mistakes? Yes. This Co Op, helping yall, was supposed to be my redemption in some ways.

8.) THE WHOLE FREAKING THING WAS VOLUNTARY! IF YOU DONT LIKE HOW I DO BUSINESS DO BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! Dont want to sell something to the Co Op? Dont! Want to sell yourself? Do it! Want to use the TT machine? Not hurting my feelings! You have to be FREAKISHLY stupid to gripe about something that's voluntary!

9.) I play this game for fun. I don't play anymore I run the co op. It's not fun; its a pain in my butt. 

So for these reasons and a MULTITUDE of others which I will address in the stream later: The Co OP is no longer buying anything until I decide whats best moving forward.

Will the Co OP still exist? Probably. Likely as an invitation only enterprise. And sadly it will likely not benefit those who it was designed to help most.

I have average joes who ask me how they can make 5% on their money. They can't. A few months ago we bought an apartment complex in Columbus Georgia for $5.8 million. 128 units. Cash flow positive. You had to have a net worth of more than a million to invest with us. 33% was our money. We borrowed about another 17% from a bank. The other 50% was investors getting 12% ANNUALLY for 5 years (60% ROI) + Depreciation worth several time their investment. Im afraid that in entropia as in life its destined to be that those with money make money and trying to help those without is a waste of time.

We will talk later about this and guys; it breaks my heart its come to this after only 3 weeks but better now than later.

If I decide to wind down the Co OP (or wind down this Co OP and make it invitation only) I will let you know as soon as I've made my decision.

In the event of a wind down or re-organization profits that have been generated will be distributed as due first and then there will be a buy back period for those of you who wish to buy back your items at TT value.

I'm really sorry guy. I was trying to do everyone a favor. If people are so much smarter than me it shouldn't be hard to make more money than me; deposit more than me and then do it better than me. But what do i know? I was the guy taking all the risk for none of the reward.

See yall live on twitch later tonight;


StevieB's Co Op 2.0

The Church Co-Op may be winding down but Co Op 2.0 is just getting started! I have sent out the first few invitations and will continue to send additional invitations in the coming days. Congrats to the Co Ops First two members: Captain Jack Daniels (non-church member) and Michael Stewart! (Marcopolo and Dewey have also received invitations).

StevieB's Co Op 2.0 is a privately funded, invitation only, enterprise and is based on the same principals as the Church of Tommy Co Op. If you receive and accept an invitation to Co Op 2.0 all of your contributions from the previous Co Op will be ported over and you may continue selling to the Co Op uninterrupted.

StevieB's Co Op 2.0 Founding Rules and Terms of Use:

1.) StevieB Makes The Rules

2.) If you don't like the rules dont apply for membership or use the Co Op.

3.) StevieB funds the Co Op out of his own pocket rules are not up for debate

4.) Co Op 2.0 buys any item with a TT value you wish to sell at TT value

5.) Co Op 2.0 does NOT buy sweat

6.) Co Op 2.0 will buy shrapnel but may limit the quantity of shrapnel purchases ask StevieB first.

7.) If you wish to sell an item that does NOT have a TT value ask StevieB.

8.) There will be NO BS. You are getting TT value up front. If getting more than TT value is important to you do NOT sell to Co Op 2.0

9.) You may choose what to sell Co Op2.0 and what not to sell Co Op 2.0. Participation is voluntary. No complaining.

10.) If you dont like how StevieB does things you deposit $20,000 and you manage a Co Op.

11.) Its my money, I pay TT value up front, I will be the only one to manage the account. Period. If you dont like that see rules 8 and 9.


13.) If you do join Co Op 2.0 and break the rules or want to complain about the way StevieB does things StevieB will seize your account and revoke your membership. DO NOT SCREW WITH STEVIEB OR CAUSE HIM STRESS/BS.

14.) If you receive an invitation to Co OP 2.0 at its inception you are the type of person who understands these rules and who StevieB wants. If you are applying for membership down the road BE WARNED STEVIEB HAS NO PATIENCE LEFT FOR MORONS.

I am truly saddened that a system that could have helped everyone has to now be a system to help the select few but this is where we are thanks to a few people that wanted to bite the hand that fed them. FYI StevieB will be offering a service to non-Co Op 2.0 members to help them cycle PED once the old co op is dissolved.


 Welcome to Co Op 2.0!